Is there is an investment of money?

a. This is NOT an offer to sell securities, there is NO INVESTMENT required.  We are selling tokens that can be traded.

Will there be an expectation of profits?

  1. In our whitepaper, we do not suggest ANY profit from purchase of our tokens.

Is the investment of money is in a common enterprise?

  1. There is NO INVESTMENT, our whitepaper is offering tokens to purchase.  We are not offering an economic interest in any enterprise.  We are offering tokens to purchase for participation in a gaming platform.

Does any profit come from the efforts of a promoter or third party?

  1. There is NO profit being suggested in any form our whitepaper.


“What would you say you do here?”

  1. We are proposing the development of a mobile gaming platform using blockchain technology.  HeroesJourney™ is a new concept in the world of F2P and MMO mobile games.  It is a progress-based strategy game where the player starts the game with modest resources.  The goal is to progress through the game and earn more experience and advance in level.  The player is rewarded throughout the journey for doing well and helping others.

Do these people know what they’re talking about?

  1. Dan Liptak is the CTO of HeroesJourney™ Partners, LLC, with over 20 years in the computer programming industry to date. Liptak is an experienced web developer who has developed and managed multiple consumer driven websites.  HeroesJourney™ partners with professional gaming developers to fully develop the gaming platform.

What do you have so far?

  1. HeroesJourney™ is currently in development.  In the whitepaper are our plans and a roadmap for launch.

What’s the plan?

  1. The HeroesJourney™ game will launch in March 2018, with the in-game marketplace to follow in April 2018.

What’s the use of funds?

  1. A total of 50MM tokens are available, 50% of tokens sold will be used for development and marketing of the HeroesJourney™ gaming platform.

When will the token be listed on an exchange?

  1. We are using good faith and commercially reasonable efforts to list HeroesJourney™ tokens on as many reputable Ethereum exchanges as possible.

How will the organization interact with the token once it hits the market?

  1. HeroesJourney™ will actively support the token through completing the game development and release and promotion of the gaming platform.

Social Media Presence?

  1. CTO Dan Liptak is an expert social media marketer, and has plans to build a powerful marketing campaign by heavily leveraging social media.


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